Superposition is the ability of a quantum system to be in multiple states at the same time -until it is measured and the wave function collapses due to interaction with the external world.

This notion implies that we cannot verify certain natural phenomena with our own eyes but rather we must place a degree of trust in the existence of such. Put abstractly, certain elements may not necessarily be observable but are present nonetheless - thereby warranting the contemplation of unobservable, non-physical entities such as guardian spirits.

Using this abstraction as the starting point, the SS23 editorial for _J.L-A.L_ titled “Permanent Presence” blends non-descript locations, which hint at prior, unexplained events that seemed to have taken place at each site, with _J.L-A.L_’s technically designed and functional apparel relating to the idea of a guardian spirit, protecting the wearer from the elements.